Starting Our Health Kick (Without Forgetting the Wine)


It is that day of the week again! It is time to wine and dine on this fine Wednesday. Too much? Never, when it is in the spirit of wine. This week, we dined with a variety of tastes on our palate. My mother and I wanted to start our health kick this week (especially with how the weekend went) and in an effort to cleanse our bodies, we decided to ease our way into this next stretch. We also decided to stray away from our favorite and familiar, dry red.

For our healthy side dish, we grilled broccoli, tofu and a few dashes of various seasonings getting it crispy enough to provide a little bit of a crunch. Once it was cooked through, we drizzled honey balsamic dressing over the top to give it a tinge of sweetness. For our main course, we went with Wegmans pre-made chicken fajita mix. YUM! So delicious. If you’re not into pre-made mixes, which I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be, Wegmans has crafted a video for customers to make them from scratch with their pre-seasoned chicken, pork and steak. Personally, with our busy schedules, we love this. It takes less than five minutes and it is perfect for a delicious and quick weeknight meal.

The weather has proven to be warm this week and we thought what is the best way to enjoy these last summer-like days? By savoring a light and fruity wine to rinse the palate of course. We opted for the Schmitt Söhne Riesling, described as crisp and fruity. It paired perfectly with our side and entrée. According to the label, it is considered a ‘Best Buy’ by Wine Enthusiast. I definitely recommend!


4 thoughts on “Starting Our Health Kick (Without Forgetting the Wine)

  1. leahsdegraw says:

    I would do anything to rewind back to our Boston trip! Cafeteria was literally the best meal I have had in a long time, not to mention the sangria! Loved reading your post about our trip, it was so fun. I definitely spent too much money on food and shopping in Boston but how could you not? Let’s plan to go back someday!


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