Must Visits on Seneca Lake’s East Side

5.  Ventosa Winery


Image taken from @ventosavyds

Ventosa Vineyards borders the northern end of Seneca Lake for all vistors to experience great views on the vast 23 acres of land. The vineyard, according to its website, is known for producing dry reds while still incorporating the well known and award-winning Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and other Italian varietals.

4. Hazlitt Vineyards


Image taken from @hazlitt1852vineyards

In 1852 David Hazlitt bought 153 acres of land consumed by fruit trees. From there, Hazlitt Vineyards has grown to be a well-known and prestigious winery located a few miles north of Watkins Glen. Situated along the east side of Seneca Lake, you will find this vineyard is still being run by David Hazlitt’s family six generations later. Come here to try an award-winning wine varying from the 2014 Grüner Veltliner and to the 2014 Homestead Reserve Riesling.

3. Penguin Bay Winery

Image taken from @PenguinBayWine

Located JUST below Hazlitt Vineyards, Penguin Bay is more of a casual, fun and fast-paced stop on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Here, you can sample the Penguin Bay Humboldt Red, Moscato or the Gewürztraminer. Drink here and help save the penguins!

2. Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars


Image taken from @LamoreauxWine

Looking for fancy, glamorous and a little pizazz? Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars is the place to stop and taste with your girlfriends and boyfriends. Winery & Spirits Winery of the year in both 2010 and 2012, the vineyard does very well for itself attracting a breadth of wine lovers. One of the vineyard’s best qualities? That would be using only “sustainable viticultural practices,” according to their website.

1. Three Brothers Winery


Image taken from @three_brothers_wineries

A crowd and personal favorite, Three Brother Winery is the place to head to for some fun. Located at the northeast tip of Seneca Lake, Three Brothers Winery has FOUR wine and beer stops to choose from . A 25th birthday gift to myself, a bunch of us wine toured here and loved it. I can attest that the $60 Bourbon Barbara is delightful. It’s worth the few extra bucks for a tasting of it and one of these days I will be opening the bottle (yes, I bought the bottle) for a special occasion.

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