Owera Vineyards, A Must Taste and See

Through a gorgeous wrought iron and heavily wooded gate off of Owahgena Road, you will find Owera Winery built atop the hill in front of a skyline of trees. Owera Winery, located in Cazenovia, New York, just 25 minutes outside of East Syracuse, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for its customers. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by our wide-smiling host and waitress, Jess.

With minimal patrons and slightly dimmed lights, it was the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and appetizing girls’ night out. We were excited to get seated, peruse the menu and get to wining down on Wednesday. After all, every day leading up to hump day can be tough!

In my first blog post, I originally said I wanted to stray from dry red wines however, I couldn’t resist. To be fair, we discussed the whole wine menu and ended up ordering the broad spectrum of wine.

Owera’s wine menu works to hit each category from sweet reds and whites, to dry reds and whites. We chose to test our taste buds by ordering a wine flight and sampling a semi-sweet blush, a semi-dry Riesling, a well-rounded dry red and a chilled semi-dry red. While all four were flavorsome, two of us were in favor of the dry and two in favor of the sweet. We chose to order one bottle of the semi-sweet blush and one bottle of the well-rounded red. They are each staple wines of Owera.

The semi-sweet Cazenovia blush is described as a wine that, “features aromas of strawberries and violets with luscious fruit flavors,” according to Owera’s website. The Owahgena dry red is described as, “a nicely rounded finish from a blend of dry varieties; notes of cherry, boysenberry and walnut flavors.” Yum!

To strategically pair the wines, we ordered an artisanal cheese board for our appetizer. The cheese board included an arrangement of delicious cheeses, drizzled honey over assorted nuts and just the right number of crackers. It was divine and the perfect amount for a shareable portion between four women. Because of the variety of cheeses, both the sweet and dry wines paired nicely.

So completely distracted by the arrangement and mouthwatering tray in front of me, I had forgotten about the food order we placed. Our wide-smiling waitress happily carried over our shared beef sliders and spicy meatball pizza. Dee-light-ful. They nailed it. I especially loved the spicy meatball pizza with the dry red (of course). If there was a rating system, I would give this place a five out of five.

Overall, it was an incredible experience and one I was able to spend with my mother as well as two of my very good friends. If you ever find yourself in Central New York, Owera Vineyards is a must-visit stop.

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