Wining on Wednesdays

Photo by Roberta Sorge

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

What is the best way to get over the mid-week-hump? Well, that would be looking forward to a glass of wine with dinner of course. Welcome to my blog, a place where I will be wining and dining on Wednesdays and telling you all about it.

In an Italian family, it has always been acceptable to sample wine – even at a young age. Don’t tell our secret. I grew up fortunate enough to have a true love and appreciation for Italian food (really all food) and eventually, red wine. While the red wine came later, I sampled different whites depending on what was brought to the meal for that holiday, be it Easter, Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving. My favorite, would be the homemade wine my family began making in 2009. Nothing seems to be even the slightest bit comparable. I hadn’t acquired a taste for dry reds until I was about 22, and I have never looked back. Until now.

I will be exploring the world of wine. Sounds exciting, right? While I much prefer dry reds, I will be stepping outside of my comfort zone in an effort to broaden my palate. I am looking forward to making family and new recipes and experimenting with new pairings. I won’t forget my love of cabernet sauvignon along the way however, sweet reds and whites, and dry whites will also be sampled in this experiment.

On this endeavor, I also hope to make healthier versions of family recipes. When you think Italian food, or at least when I do, the first thing that comes to mind is CARBS. I am hoping to encompass a delicious Italian meal, while still lightening up on the carbo-loading that includes pasta, bread and cheese. Sounds impossible right?

Come with me on this experimentation to ignite and satisfy my taste buds and maybe even your own. I can’t wait.

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